Phillip Gopon

-Senior Lecturer in Geology and Economic Geology 
University of Leoben

-Visiting Scientist in Atom Probe Tomography
University of Oxford

Ore Geology/Petrology/Nano-geochemistry


My research is focused on the big influence that nanofeatures have on the evolution of our planet.  I combine fieldwork, petrology, and nano-geochemisty to investigate a range of questions ranging from ore geology, to cosmochemistry, to metamorphic petrology.

My main research these days lies in the formation of 'Invisible Gold' deposits, such as the Carlin type deposits in north-central Nevada. In these deposits gold can't be seen, even with high powered microscope, but is instead trapped in pyrite (aka fools gold).  I use a variety of nanoanalytical techniques, but specialize in using atom probe tomography (APT) to figure out how and why these important deposits form.

The incorporation of gold and other precious metals into pyrite is highly interesting, and has exciting possibilities as a source for the critical metals (i.e. Ta, W, Te, Ge, Co) that are desperately needed in Green Technologies. 

I currently am involved in projects looking at 'Invisible Metals' in North America (Nevada and Yukon Territory), China, and Europe.

Additionally, I am interested in ultra-high pressure and temperature metamorphism, specifically how microstructural clues can tell us the story of how these rocks returned to the surface.

My favorite mineral is quartz and my favorite rock is eclogite. 

Don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any general question about APT, invisible gold, or UHP-T rocks.


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